Information about The Saga Museum


Visitors have the choice to be guided through the museum with an audio device and can choose between Icelandic, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. The audio guide can also be bought in the form of a booklet at the front desk.

You are welcome to bring your camera and take picture.


Opening hours


10:00 – 18:00 all days

Open during easter


  • 1600 kr / $ 15 / € 14

  • Students / Senior / Disabilities
  • Buy ticket

History comes alive


To recreate these historical moments in the most authentic way, life-like replicas of historical Icelandic figures have been created, based on descriptions found in the Viking sagas and chronicles.

Clothing, weapons and everyday objects were constructed using traditional methods passed down through the ages. The weapons were specially crafted and the wool and linen articles dyed by hand.

All wooden artifacts have been treated in a way that both enhances their appearance and make them look genuinely old.

Thats how we try to allow visitors to view Icelanders ways of living in the past.

Want to know more about the method of creating the museum? Then visit our website: